Personal Insurance

At Sagar Insurances, we are dedicated to providing not just the residents in Padiham, but our customers across the UK with the knowledge that you could be protected should anything go wrong. 

We aim to ensure that our policies can cover your needs and most important assets whether you’re insuring your home, contents, car, travel plans or high value items while working with clients across East Lancashire including Blackburn, Burnley and Preston and acorss the country.

Why trust Sagar with your business?

Reliable Experts

At Sagar Insurances, our reliable specialists deal with every claim as quickly and efficiently as possible, striving to make insuranvce a hassle free experience.

Tailored Policies

We will discuss potential risks and past claims, in order to find you the right cover, and a policy that specifically protects the items, property and assets you wish to insure.

Exclusive Rates

We have the advantage of being supported by Brown & Brown- one of the world's largest insurance brokerages, which provides us with access to exclusive rates.

Is Personal Insurance right for you?


What is Personal Insurance?

Personal Insurance is a collective name for the different types of insurance products available to cover the personal items and possessions you may own and activities you carry out.

Personal Insurance is a vital means of protecting individuals and their belongings against financial risks, associated with unforeseen events, such as accidents, theft, or damage to your property, belongings, or during your travels. It encompasses various types of cover tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals. From Motor to Home cover, we could provide tailored options that are right for you.


Do I need Personal Insurance?

Having the appropriate Personal Insurance Cover for you is essential to help ensure that you are protected when you need it most. Personal Insurance can include a variety of types, such as Home Insurance, Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance, High-Value Vehicle Insurance, Second Home Insurance, Flood Cover, and High Net Worth Home Insurance.

Your home may be more at risk of flooding, due to living in high risk flood areas, or if your property has previously been affected or damaged by floods or other natural disasters. Therefore, Flood Cover may be vital in helping to protect your home, personal belongings, and valuable assets.

Owning high-value assets, possessions, and vehicles inherently comes with a higher risk for theft, vandalism, and damage. By obtaining Personal Insurance Cover, such as High Net worth Home Insurance or High Value Vehicle Insurance, you can mitigate these risks and receive financial protection in the event of such incidents.

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For a bespoke insurance quote or for more information on the areas we cover, call us today. Or drop us an email, and we will get in touch as soon as possible: info@sagarinsurances.co.uk

We've got you covered

At Sagar Insurances, we can provide Personal Insurance Cover to a wide variety of clients, including individuals and families with varied lifestyles, needs and risks. Whatever Personal Insurance Cover you are after, our experts can arrange cover that is right for you.

Home Insurance Cover caters to families of all sizes, first-time homebuyers, and individuals residing in houses, flats, or even static caravans. Irrespective of the type of home you live in, the Home Insurance we offer, could provide you with benefits that meet your insurance needs.

We can also provide Motor Insurance that is tailored towards both single-car and multi-car policies, making the process of insuring your family's vehicles free of hassle. Every holiday is different - that's why we will ensure that you find the right cover for you. Whether you are off backpacking across the globe, or enjoying a relaxing retreat, or even a fun filled family resort holiday, you can enjoy your travels knowing you are fully covered and protected against any potential risks.

Learn more about the types of cover for Personal Insurance

Regardless of whether it's your first home, a temporary residence or your forever home, ensuring its protection is paramount. At Sagar Insurances, our Home Insurance can include either or both building cover and contents cover, depending on your needs.

Home Insurance is a crucial product, that provides protection for homeowners from financial loss due to unforeseen events and circumstances. It also covers your home and possessions from damage or loss due to events like fires, flooding, storms and theft. Our Home Insurance also includes extra cover options for accidental loss and damage, home emergency cover, garden cover and legal expenses cover. With tailored cover options, you can choose coverage that aligns with your unique Home Insurance needs and circumstances.

At Sagar Insurances, we are aware of how much you rely on your car. That's why, we will work with you to find the appropriate cover that you can rely on.

Whether it’s a single or multi-car policy, we can find you the right cover at the right price. We can help to save you time and money by working with a carefully selected panel of high quality insurers to find a policy that’s tailored exactly to your needs. If you own a roadworthy car, you legally need at least a basic level of cover, called Third Party Insurance, even if you don’t drive it.

We also offer extra cover including: breakdown cover, legal cover protection, excess protection, no claims protection and replacement vehicle. The policy options for Motor Insurance can vary widely, with factors such as age, driving record, and vehicle type all impacting the level and cost of coverage.

We understand the importance of UK homeowners, protecting your property and possessions from the devastating consequences of floods. With access to leading insurers and specialist underwriters, we can help you to find a suitable policy for your home and/or commercial properties, ensuring you are adequately protected against flooding and flood damage.

If you live in a high risk flood area or if your property has been affected or damaged by flooding in the past, here at Sagar Insurances, we can offer you Flood Cover to help protect and safeguard your property and possessions.

We could help to see if your policy can include alternative accommodation should your home be flooded and become uninhabitable. Whether the risk of flooding is due to sea, river, watercourse or heavy rainfall, we can help secure an insurance solution, giving you the peace of mind that your home is protected against all eventualities.

Traveling can be exciting and fulfilling, but it can also be unpredictable. At Sagar Insurances, we offer comprehensive Travel Insurance Cover to protect you against the unexpected. Every holiday is different – that’s why we’ll talk through your holiday plans to make sure you’re covered for whatever adventures you’ve got planned.

From medical expenses abroad, to baggage and cancellation cover, we’ll make sure you’re protected. If you’re taking away expensive gadgets or you want to insure against, airline failure or legal expenses, we could tailor your Travel Insurance policy to help cover your specific needs. Whatever your travel, whether it's a fun filled family holiday or a more relaxing city break away, backpacking across the world or even enjoying winter sports we can help to find the right cover for you.

High Value Vehicle Insurance is designed for individuals who own vehicles of significant value. These include: prestige cars, classic cars, vintage cars, luxury cars, performance cars and executive cars.

Whether you are looking to insure one vehicle, a car collection or a family fleet of vehicles, we will understand your circumstances and build up an individual risk profile to protect you and your high value assets against any possible theft, damage or vandalism.

At Sagar Insurances, we can provide comprehensive cover specifically tailored to owners of high-value vehicles, including extra cover, such as legal protection, courtesy cars, windscreen cover, and breakdown cover.

A second home is a term that is used to describe a property that is not your main place of residence, but it is a property that you still visit regularly and do not let out. Many people think that a second home and a holiday home are the same thing; however, this is not the case.

Second Home Insurance can help to keep you protected from the financial losses of theft, fire, and other possible damages, not only when you are in the residence, but also during the times when the property is empty.

We also offer extra cover for your second home such as: alternative accommodation, trace and access, emergency entry, family legal protection, occupiers and personal liability and more.

At Sagar Insurances, we can provide cover for high net worth property and high net worth assets. This could protect you from possible financial losses due to theft, damage, or loss of your valuable possessions. Our policies can also extend to the protection of your valuable possessions, including: fine art collections, jewellery, antiques and other high-value assets typically found in high net worth households.

Whether you live in a new build house or period property, a country estate, or even a listed building, your home is subject to a range of standard and high level risks and we are here to help keep you covered.