There is a crisis

Sagar Insurances has come out top in a UK wide survey on the thorny topic of claims handling.

The survey – amongst UK insurers – was spearheaded by Brokerbility. Sagar is one of 35 members of this exclusive group of like- minded, high quality independent brokers.

Brokerbility annually surveys the views of members about Insurers, and then questions Insurers about its members.

We scored the highest ranking in the area of claims handling, which will be a huge comfort to our many clients across the North West.

Director John Meadows said: “No one likes to think they will ever have to claim on an insurance policy but the truth of the matter is many individuals and companies face doing just that. For some it has the potential to be a headache they really don’t need.  It is sometimes the point you discover small print or other issues which drag out or even void claims.”

“At Sagar we pride ourselves on first helping clients to find the right policies, at the right levels and we make all perimeters as clear as possible.

“Then, when a claim does have to be made, instead of a faceless call centre clients deal with a member of our team who will personally do everything possible to bring a speedy settlement.”

“To have that commitment to a high calibre claims service acknowledged by UK Insurers is a huge pat on the back for the team.