Sagar Insurances are supporting the fight against polio!

Sagar Insurances are proud to be sponsoring Malcolm Baldwin and Bill Honeywell as they take part in the Purple4Polio Rotary Grand Tour.

The Tour will take the pair around the United Kingdom from the 21st to the 24th May in an effort to raise money for polio vaccines with the end goal of eradicating the devastating disease that is polio once and for all.

After looking on Facebook at ‘Cars For Sale’, Malcolm and Bill chose a 15-year-old Volkswagen Beetle, now called Penelope, to be the car that takes them around the country.

More on the Purple4Polio Rotary Grand Tour

The Purple4Polio Rotary Grand Tour has over fifty registered teams taking part. The pair will have to organise their own route and accommodation as they travel around the country for the duration of 4 days from 21st to the 24th May.

The vehicles involved will be difficult to miss as they will all be brightly coloured purple, hence Purple4Polio. The hope at the end of the four days is that all the participants will have had a good time, raised lots of money and that they can all meet up at Halifax Minister on the 24th May for the “end-of-tour party”.

Why Sagar Insurances got involved

The real issue at hand though is Polio. Despite it not being seen in Great Britain and Ireland for many years, the disease still exists in other parts of the world.

So far Rotary Clubs across Great Britain and Ireland have donated over £20 million to End Polio Now. The efforts of Rotary have even been recognised with a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. “The eradication of polio, when completed, will be one of the most significant achievements in public health since the eradication of smallpox.”

Malcolm and Bill hope that the more money they raise, the closer the world can become to being free from polio. Sagar Insurances wanted to support this vision and by sponsoring the Beetle as it travels around the country hope to support the eradication of the disease.

By donating $2 for every $1 raised by Rotary, a huge help in the efforts come from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, whose aim is to improve the quality of life for individuals across the globe.

Contribute to Malcolm & Bills cause now!

If you share the same vision as Rotary, Sagars, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and many others, please donate generously to the cause and support our local lads as they complete the Purple4Polio Rotary Grand Tour.

Visit Bill & Malcolm’s JustGiving page to donate generously today.