Sagar to walk Pendle Hill for Pendleside Hospice

Every year, the team at Sagar Insurances organise an activity to help a charity of their choice. This year, Sagar are walking Pendle Hill for Pendleside Hospice. The group will walk the four-mile steep incline on Saturday 30th June 2018 and every donation will go towards a great charity that helps to enhance the lives of those who are living with life-limiting illnesses.

At 2pm on 30th June, our team will assemble in Barley and begin the two and a half hour trek to the peak where we will be able to see views across the whole of Pendle. Did you know that wolves and wild boar used to roam the grassy landscape of Pendle Hill? Whilst we are sure the most exotic animal we will encounter is a squirrel, we’re happy to bet that the views are going to be unlike anywhere in the world.

However, Pendle Hill is most famous not for its wildlife, but for its history and infamy surrounding the witching trials of 1612 and has drawn in hikers and countryside enthusiasts alike, as well as us charity walkers! After we’ve completed our walk, food and drink is on the menu at the Pendle Inn.

Pendleside Hospice

Pendleside Hospice is an establishment focused on palliative care in the Pendle area. The work that they do is completely free of charge for their patients and residents, so it is important for charity events, such as the one we are doing here at Sagar, to keep the Hospice running. Any donation, no matter how big or small, will make a world of difference to the staff who work tirelessly around the clock and, of course, the residents who deserve a great quality of life during their time at Pendleside. If you can spare anything, then visit the Pendle Hill for Pendleside Hospice Just Giving page to support this great cause.