Sagar Insurances Join the GRP Group


In April 2018, Sagar Insurances were acquired by Global Risk Partners Group (GRP). John and Susan Meadows have been the driving force behind Sagars for many years and will continue to do so under GRP’s ownership.

When commenting on GRP’s acquisition of Sagar insurances, John Meadows said:

“GRP offered us a compelling opportunity to create value from our successful stewardship of the business, and, looking ahead, to help us become a stronger proposition under new ownership. We are looking forward to being part of one of most entrepreneurial and exciting businesses in UK broking.”

What this will mean for you?

With John and Susan still in charge, no client relationships are in jeopardy and service will continue as usual! There will, once the full merger has been completed, be some exciting “new products and services available to us via the GRP portfolio of successful MGAs and brokers, and their relationships with blue chip insurers will enable us to further improve our competitiveness.”

The access to these new products and services only enhance our capabilities to cater for the needs of our clients.

The bright future of Sagar Insurances

Sagar Insurances will now become a local hub and will begin to merge with other local brokerages. Sagars has been a local broker for over 60 years now, and despite the changes, will continue this way. The backing of GRP only brings benefits to our customers; we will be able to offer higher quality policies at competitive prices.

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