NHS cyber attack: is your business protected?

Earlier this week, one of the most widespread cyber-attacks in history took place. A group of hackers used ransomware to withhold files on infected computers. The hackers then demanded a payment before allowing the victims to re-gain access.

One of the worst hit organisations was the National Health Service. Without access to data, NHS staff had to cancel appointments and patient records could not be viewed. The European Law Enforcement Agency, the Russian National Bank, Fedex and Nissan were also among the extensive list of victims.

Protect your business against hackers with Sagar

Standard business insurance does not cover data security breaches, leaving you vulnerable. Corporate and personal information can be equally as valuable as property and assets, so it is important to safeguard it from potential harm.

The experts at Sagar Insurances provide cyber liability policies, protecting your business from a wide range of security breaches.  Our policy covers you against a range of risks, from the loss of a single tablet or laptop, to a full worldwide security breach such as the one experienced earlier this week.

Our policy also protects companies against a range of losses and fees that can be a direct result of a cyber attack including, loss of income, rectification costs and notification costs. It is important that your business is aware of the risks it faces from potential cyber attacks, and what data could be compromised as a result. Find out how vulnerable your business could be to cyber attack by taking advantage of Sagar’s helpful cyber risk calculator.

Cyber cover is not just about protecting your own information, but also the personal information of your clients or customers. If your business is not covered by cyber liability insurance, the loss of data could lead to fines for breaching the Data Protection Act 1998.

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