Is flood insurance covered in home insurance policies?

For those living in a flood risk area, traditionally specialised insurance was necessary and could often be expensive for basic cover due to the cost of repairs and recovery following a flood. In recent years, floods have been on the rise in the UK and the government has recognised the need for flood insurance within home insurance.

Flood cover as standard

The government has set up a scheme called FloodRe which enables homeowners to find affordable home insurance with flood cover, even if they are situated within a flood risk area. The scheme works with certain insurers to provide cover for the event of a flood and enables us to provide competitive prices. Protecting your property against flooding with home insurance is now much easier with the benefit of the FloodRe scheme. Find out more on protecting your property from flooding.

Flood cover is provided under general home insurance, however it is very important to establish there may be exclusions and restrictions based on your postcode and underwriting rating factors, such as flood risk areas. It is always best advice to seek professional guidance before purchasing your home insurance.

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