The Sagar sponsored East Lancs Chamber of Commerce Curry Club is a big success!

When it first became official that Sagar Insurances would be sponsoring the East Lancs Chamber of Commerce Curry Club, we naturally began to anticipate the first Curry Club event. The first event of the year was intended to be on the 23rd February at Burnley’s Turf Moor.

However just hours before the event, the Curry Club was thwarted by a power cut at the stadium resulting in the rearranging of the event.

It was on to the next one…

The next Curry Club was to be held on 27th April and Ewood Park in Blackburn. On the day, Dave Edmondson and I arrived at 11.30am in order to prepare the room with our leaflets and banners. As the day grew close to noon, the attendees started to filter in. Conversations were starting, drinks being bought, the room that was practically empty half an hour ago now was full of atmosphere created by bustling networkers.

The event started with the usual pleasantries as well as some congratulations for the successes of the local football clubs; namely, Blackburn Rovers, Accrington Stanley and Burnley F.C. The first speaker, Miranda Barker, talked about how busy the East Lancs Chamber of Commerce has been over the last few months and what plans they have for the rest of the year. A huge project that they have been working on is the Low Carbon Programme, and this has been headed by Steven Sykes, who later gave a brief introduction as to what the programme was about.

Safeguarding your business with Sagars cyber liability insurance

After Miranda had finished her speech, it was time for Dave to say some words as the representative of Sagar, the sponsors of the Curry Club. Dave assured the audience that he wouldn’t be speaking about GDPR which resulted in some relieved cheers. Dave did still speak about the importance of cyber insurance and how it is a growing policy in the insurance industry with not enough take up.

Dave reasoned: “You insure your table and chairs, so why wouldn’t you insure one of your most valuable assets, your data?” Dave encouraged all to have a look at our cyber risk calculator and to assess themselves to make sure they are ready for GDPR and to see if they are at risk and in need of a Cyber Liability policy.

Use the cyber risk calculator here.

Dave finished by mentioning the Sagar Walk which is being held on 30th June and will be for a selected charity. More details are to follow. After Dave, it was guest speaker, Andrew Buchanan’s turn to talk. Andrew talked about Thwaites and how it has changed its approach to business over the years, becoming more than just a brewer of beer. Thwaites have entered into the hospitality sector, acquiring hotels, “Inns of Character” and pubs. Going down this line of business has proved fruitful and the fruits of their work have proved dividend, as they have received awards and recognition for their pubs and hotels. After the speeches came a very delicious curry – courtesy of local catering company, Northcote.

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Overall, the first Curry Club of the year was a success! Dave managed to talk to some of the attendees and hopefully we will have more opportunity to help our fellow members with their insurance needs in the future.

However, don’t worry if you are an East Lancs Chamber of Commerce member and you missed us at the event.

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