Business Insurance Packages

For over 50 years, Sagar Insurances have looked after local businesses by providing tailored business insurance packages to look after their assets. There are many different types of business insurances and it’s for this reason that Sagar Insurances can provide different policies in one package to cover every risk.

Why is business insurance important?

It is important for businesses to get cover for different aspects of their trade, from property insurance to public and employer liability insurance. Some insurance is required by law and it is important that the required insurance is in place.

Whether you’re a new business or are looking to change your insurance provider to take care of your business insurance needs, Sagar Insurances takes the time to understand the risks and provide a tailored business insurance package to suit your needs.

Types of Business Insurance

It’s important to consider all of the risks when it comes to insuring your business, business property or employees. There are many factors you may not think about which can have a huge risk to your business. Some of the most important areas to insure for your business are outlined below:

  • Material Damage/Theft

Insure your commercial property against risk of fire, flood or earthquake to reinstate any assets that were affected back to their previous state. Get more information on Material Damage/Theft cover now.

  • Business Interruption

Protect against loss of income, wages and over-heads due to material loss. Cover yourself for business interruption now.

  • Glass Insurance

Glass might be excluded under some policies. Protect the glass in your property to cover the cost of boarding up any broken windows. Find out more information on glass insurance for your business.

  • Employers Liability

Protect your business against health and safety claims made by employees to cover the cost of any compensation rewarded. Find out more information on Employers Liability insurance.

Enquire about a Business Insurance Package from Sagar Insurances

Sagar Insurances will be happy to come and talk to you to help you identify the risks to your business. An insurance business package isn’t always the best option for businesses, but Sagar Insurances can help you identify the best options for you and consolidate your policies into one package to make it more manageable if necessary. If you prefer, you can visit Sagar or call us directly on  01282 858 279. You can also reach us by contacting us online for more information.