Property Owners Liability Insurance

Property Owner Liability insurance covers your legal liability for injury to the public or loss of or damage to property not owned by you or in your custody or control arising out of your ownership of the buildings &/or land insured.

Property Owner Liability Insurance: What you need to know

Property Owner Liability is usually offered as a section of cover when insuring your Commercial or Residential Property. This section of cover can form part of a package under a Property Owner policy or can stand alone when cover is required for land liability only. This covers the cost and expenses awarded to a third party which you are legally liable to pay in connection to a claim.

A claim resulting from injury following an accident whilst on or linked to your premises, cover is also provided for damage to property. Cover is also offered for legal expenses for solicitor fees and court costs. “Injury to persons” relates to bodily injury, death, illness or disease of any person.

Cover automatically includes:

  • Obstruction, trespass, nuisance, interference, wrongful arrest or eviction
  • The Defective Premises Act
  • Legal costs & expenses in defending prosecutions under all relevant Health & Safety legislation
  • Associated court attendance costs
  • Employees’ & visitors’ personal belongings
  • Indemnity to managing agents
  • The limit of indemnity provided relates to any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of one event.

Property Owner Liability: Why this is important

If your tenants injure themselves from tripping over a loose carpet or a slate falls off a roof due to poor maintenance then they are able to take legal action against you. Costs incurred from an incident such as this would include medical expenses, loss of earnings and any legal action.

Similarly, if you own land which has a right of way or stream running through, if someone is to injure themselves in this instance,  this could also result in a claim.

Policies from Sagar offer this section of cover as part of your buildings insurance which is usually offered at £2,000,000 but can increase up to £10,000,000 if required. If you own land then this section of cover can be offered as a standalone policy.

Talk to Sagar Insurances about Property Owners Liability

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