Owned & Hired Plant Insurance

Sagar Insurances has an extensive range of business insurance policies that protect your organisation. Our plant insurance policies cover the loss or damage of important machinery items in your plant. The policy can include the hiring of replacement equipment should the machinery you’ve hired be damaged or stolen. Find out more about our comprehensive plant insurance today by calling our specialists on 01282 858250.

Plant insurance: What you need to know

The policy covers the loss or damage of plant’s items. If you’re a builder or contractor, then your own plant is usually insured on a market value basis, rather than a reinstatement basis. If you’ve hired in a plant, then it is covered up to a limit and is rated on annual hiring fees.

Cover Against Continuing Hire Charges

Sagar’s cover can include continuing hire charges and it may be required for road risks if the item travels on what is deemed to be a “road” under the Road Traffic Act (such as fork lift trucks, stacker trucks, etc).

Plant policies protect machinery and plant whilst on business premises or on a particular site. Standard contents cover usually excludes plant items so cover from Sagar is incredibly important is often forgotten.

The policy can protect one item of a plant or business machinery that your business has hired. Cover can also include the continuing hire charges applied by the hirer until their item of plant is replaced following an incident.

Why does your business need Plant Insurance now?

Policies from Sagar Insurances protect companies against the loss of their own plant or hired in plant as a result an insured peril (fire, theft, vandalism, etc).

In the event a plant item is damaged or stolen, how quickly could your business replace it? Can your business afford the time or money to replace items of plant immediately following a loss?

Plant insurance can also protect the legal liability of your hire agreement and covers the item of plant in transit.

Contact Sagar for your Hired in Plant Insurance Cost

If you would like to speak to someone about Sagar’s plant insurance for your business, then speak to a member of the Sagar Insurances team today. Call now and receive expert advice and guidance from our specialists. We can help you to find the right cover to suit your specific needs. Call today on 01282 858250 or contact us online.