Personal Accident (Individual, Group and Keyman)

Sagar Insurances offers Personal accident cover to help individuals receive compensation for accidental bodily injury.
Injuries can not only be painful and uncomfortable, but they can also have long-term financial effects on an individual. Call Sagar for a quote today on 01282 858250.

Personal Accident: What you need to know

  • A Personal Accident policy will provide cover against accidental bodily injury resulting in death or permanent injury and, if selected, temporary disablement.
  • It provides individuals with financial compensation to help meet costs following an unexpected event.
  • A chosen lump sum will be paid out upon Death or Loss of Limb etc. and a lower weekly benefit will be pay for permanent or temporary total disablement.
  • Group cover can be bought by business for the benefit of employees or members, or to obtain compensation for lost services of an individual who is temporarily or permanently unavailable.
  • A company could, for example, use the policy proceeds to support an ongoing salary for the injured person or cover the cost of recruitment and training for a replacement.

NB. The policy isn’t designed to replace lost income i.e. wages. A specific ‘Income Protection’ policy may be required instead. Why not call Sagar to find out what cover we can offer on 01282 858250?

Why Do You Need Personal Accident Insurance?

We face risks every day, whether that be handling heavy machinery at work, or simply driving to drop the children off at school. With Personal Accident cover from Sagar Insurances you can rest easy, in the knowledge that you will receive compensation to help you meet your costs.

Get in Touch with Sagar Insurances

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