Motor Trade Internal Risks Insurance (Non Road)

At Sagar Insurances, we understand that the non-road of a motor vehicle can be detrimental to a business, especially if you have fleet vehicles or company cars. Call us today to find out more on 01282 858 279.

The internal policy covers a Motor Trader for all Non-Road Risks covers

  • This includes Material Damage, Employers Liability, Public Liability, Business Interruption & Money.
  • The Public Liability section of the policy is different from other liability policies as it can be extended to cover Defective Workmanship and Sales Indemnity.
  • The Business Interruption section can also be extended to cover your lost income as a result of losing your MOT licence or being suspended from carrying out MOT’s.

What you need to know

Portable Hand Tools are classed as a Theft Attractive item and most insurers will impose a warranty on the policy that states tools must be locked away in a cabinet that is secured to the fabric of the building. We can best advise you the most appropriate way to protect your tools.

Any Lifting and Pressure plant must be inspected on an annual basis by law and a separate Engineering Inspection policy must be arranged. We can find the best suited inspection companies based on your needs.

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