Loss Of Money & Cash On Premises Insurance (Theft & Assault)

Sagar Insurances provides Money Insurance policies, protecting businesses from the risk of theft and robbery. For many businesses, such as retail environments and restaurants, keeping cash on the premises is a necessity, but this can cause you to become a target.

Loss of money can put you out of pocket and set your business back, but with the help of Sagar Insurances you can have that peace of mind that you are covered against a robbery or theft. Find out how we can support your business, call us today on 01282 858 284.

Money Insurance: What you need to know

Money insurance is an important class of insurance in view of many street robberies and thefts from businesses.

  • Money cover includes cover for the following items: cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal and money orders, postage stamps, national insurance cards and luncheon vouchers.
  • Personal Accident/Assault provides cover for bodily injury sustained by someone being attacked whilst carrying your business’ money.
  • Money Insurance provides businesses with protection for their Money whilst in transit and on the insured’s premises.
  • Money insurance is on an ‘all risks’ basis, covering all risks of loss or destruction of or damage to money in different situations.
  • The cover includes damage to safes or strong rooms occasioned in the course of theft or attempted theft.

NB. Money Insurance does not include Fidelity Cover

Why do you need money insurance?

If your business carries money in transit or keeps money at the business premises (business hours and out of business hours) we would recommend for you to take up this section of cover for your peace of mind to protect you against any losses.

If Money is kept in a safe out of business hours, Sagar Insurances can also recommend you on the different types of safes which are accepted by insurers to cover any losses overnight.

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