Material Damage & Theft Cover

Sagar Insurances provides protection for damage or theft. You never know when an accident such as a fire, flood or earthquake could strike, so it pays to be prepared.
The purpose of Material Damage insurance is to reinstate the asset that was lost or damaged or stolen, back to its previous state.
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What you need to know

Cover may be for Fire and Specified Perils, or “Commercial All Risks”

What should I do now?

    The vast majority of businesses already arrange this cover, however:

  • You need to ensure that your sums insured remain adequate; think about changes to your business and how this may affect your sums insured. Failure to adequately insure can result in insurers reducing a claims payment, or even avoiding a claim altogether.
  • All policies contain some form of policy conditions; these include procedures you are required to follow, for example for waste removal or electrics inspections; make sure you are familiar with these, and talk to your broker if you are unsure.

Increasingly, insurers are imposing terms for the peril of Flood. If this happens to you, we may be able to provide a solution.

Did you know that standard liability policies exclude damage to property being worked upon? Get the right policy for your industry by reading more about insurance policies for commercial cleaners.

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