Commercial Loss of License Insurance

At Sagar Insurances, we offer cover for a wide range of businesses to ensure that they can get back on their feet following the loss of a licence. Many businesses cannot continue to trade without a valid licence. For example, a bar needs an alcohol licence in order to be successful and a Motor Trader needs a valid licence to MOT vehicles.

If, for any reason, a business failed to renew their licence, or had their licence revoked through no fault of their own, they could face financial problems, and even the closure of their business. Sagar Insurances provides cover for any Loss of Income in this situation.

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Loss of License – What you need to know

  • If you have a “package” type policy, a certain amount of cover may be included as part of that package.
  • Cover can only be provided where the Loss of Licence is beyond the control of the policyholder.


Why do you need loss of licence cover now?

If your business was to lose its license through no fault of your own, would you be able to pay the wages of your staff and sustain yourself?
Businesses that need a licence in order to trade successfully, should consider purchasing loss of license cover from Sagar Insuances.

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