Intellectual Property Insurance Coverage

In any business, intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets and it is important to protect against the risks of third party infringement. Sagar Insurances provides companies with tailored cover to protect against damage to your company’s intellectual property.

Protect your business

The process of defending an infringement can be complex and expensive, but Sagar Insurances can tailor the cover to your business’ needs and we work with all types of companies to deliver bespoke cover to protect your intellectual property.

What Intellectual Property Insurance covers:

Intellectual Property Insurance protects against the litigation costs arising out of prosecuting an infringement of the company’s copyright, trademark, registered design, patent & trade secret. It can also protect against the litigation costs arising from an accidental infringement of Intellectual Property and can be extended to include Loss of Revenue and Directors and Officers Insurance.

A Patent, Trademark or Copywright is only part of the solution and you should consider protecting against the costs of enforcing your rights with intellectual property insurance.

Our policies include:

  • Comprehensive cover for all intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secrets.
  • Covers all business activities of the insured but can also be tailored to requirements.
  • Costs of defending infringement allegations and the payment of damages or settlement awards including counterclaims, product recalls and other loss mitigation measures.
  • Cover for directors and officers joint defendants.
  • Cover for contractual obligations to indemnify licensees or customers.
  • Cover for the costs incurred in obtaining and maintaining a registered right if the right is invalidated or revoked because of an infringement action.
  • Cover for the loss of profit during a 12-month period if the insured is prevented from selling a product due to an infringement claim.
  • Cover for some elements of contract or employee disputes in relation to intellectual property.
  • Cover for costs to avert or mitigate a loss of reputation caused by an infringement claim.
  • Worldwide cover as standard.

Insure your intellectual property with Sagar Insurances

Sagar Insurances are a member of a trusted, national network who place over £600 million into the insurance market each year and have been providing our services to local businesses for over 60 years.

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