Environmental Liability Insurance

Sagar Insurances offers Environmental Liability Insurance to businesses of all sizes. No matter how careful you are as a business, unforeseen environmental impacts can still occur.
This type of cover is particularly relevant to those businesses in the manufacturing industry, waste disposal industry and those using harmful chemicals, but can affect a wide range of sectors.
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Environmental Impairment Cover- What you need to know

  • A standard Public Liability policy will not usually pick up certain elements of cover for Pollution losses – such as Third Party clean-up costs and Environment Agency damages. It will not pick up any losses as a result of gradual pollution.
  • The basic cover will include gradual pollution, clean-up costs and environmental damage set out in the 2009 Environmental Damage Regulations.
  • Cover can be extended to cover resultant Business Interruption.

Does your business need environmental insurance in the UK?

Think about your business activities, and whether you have an exposure to this type of loss. Claims have previously arisen from hauliers using detergents to wash down vehicles, slow leaking tanks and leaking underground pipes. Pollution can also include noise pollution, or air pollution; it is not limited to surface or water pollution.

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