Engineering Plant Damage Insurance

Sagar’s engineering plant damage cover provides indemnity against breakdowns, explosions, collapses and damage from accidental causes that requires repair or replacement. If there are mechanical or electrical defects in the equipment that have occurred under normal working conditions, then you are protected with this extensive cover.

Engineering Plant Damage: What you need to know

This policy provides indemnity for damages to plant, including breakdowns and collapses. The cover also protects plants that have experienced accidental damage from something other than an explosion, collapse or breakdown.

For pressure vessels, damage to the item’s permanent structure by its own internal steam or fluid pressure or loss of steam or fluid pressure causing the item to explode or collapse.

Cover may be restricted to explosion and collapse, extraneous damage or breakdown only.
This policy covers plant such as heating, hot water, air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration,
electrical, lifts, escalators and fork lift trucks against unexpected damage.

Is your business reliant on a single piece of a plant?

Policies from Sagar Insurances protect companies against the loss of plant or machinery as a result of an insured peril (breakdown, explosion, collapse, etc).

In the event a critical piece of machinery cannot operate, could your business afford to trade without it? How quickly could your company replace a critical piece of equipment, do you have the relevant funds readily available?

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