Deterioration of Stock/Frozen food

At Sagar Insurances we provide extensive Deterioration of Stock cover, ensuring that you and your business are protected, should anything go wrong.


Deterioration of stock provides cover for the loss or damage by deterioration to goods stored in any cold storage space specified.
Anyone working in the food industry, whether it be restaurants, suppliers or supermarkets, are susceptible to loss of business and even closure if their goods defrost or spoil, due to a power cut or any other unforeseen circumstance.
If you are dependent on cold spaces and freezers for storing your goods, you may benefit from Deterioration of Stock cover from Sagar Insurances. Call us today on 01282 858250 to get an obligation-free quote from our advisors.

What does Deterioration of Stock insurance cover?

  • Deterioration of Stock insurance covers deterioration caused to goods by a rise or fall in temperature, due to the breakdown or accidental damage to a refrigeration unit.
  • It also covers stock in your care, for example food transportation units etc.
  • Power cuts or accidental failure of the public electricity supply is included.
  • Spoiled food due to escaped refrigerant fumes is covered.
  • This type of insurance can also provide cover for damage to goods that are not in the cold chamber, but would have been, had the accident not occurred.

This cover is an engineering-type insurance cover and can be provided by insurers such as Allianz Engineering, Zurich Engineering, NMU Ltd.

Why does your business need Deterioration of Stock insurance?

In the event of, say, a breakdown to your refrigeration equipment or an accidental loss of your electricity supply, would you be able to replace the stock that has been damaged and lost? Would you have the funds to do so? How would this affect your customers, especially if you couldn’t supply them with their orders?
At Sagar Insurances, we understand that loss of stock can be detrimental to a company, not only to their financial situation, but also to their reputation going forward. Our comprehensive cover ensures that you are protected, and our team will always be on hand to offer immediate support should you need to claim.

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