Laptop Insurance & PC Cover

Sagar Insurance’s computer insurance policy covers loss or damage to computer or ancillary equipment whilst at the insured’s premises or on an all risks basis. PC insurance is not generally included within your contents cover.

Policies from Sagar Insurances protect companies against the loss or damage to their computer equipment due to loss, damage or destruction caused because of an insured peril.

Computer Insurance: What you need to know

Computer Insurance provides business’ protection for their computer equipment as well as their systems records whilst at the insured’s premises or anywhere in the world.

What’s The Best Laptop Insurance for Me?

Computer hardware can be covered by the material damage policy. However, additional covers are often required e.g. reinstatement of data, hire of alternative equipment, cost of reverting to a manual system, or portable equipment / devices.

This cover would include any additional rental cost of computer equipment and ancillary equipment following an insured loss. Incompatibility of computer records would also be covered following loss or damage.

Why does your business need Computer Insurance?

If your business operates using computer equipment (whether at the business or away from the premises) and there is a loss or damage caused to this equipment or computer records, this cover would insure you up to the declared sums insured value.

Without this comprehensive cover from Sagar, your business could struggle to replace the damaged or stolen equipment. This could result in a loss of earnings as you aren’t able to continue with day-to-day operations.

Take a look at our useful insurance policies for technology companies.

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