Sagar, Client and Insurer working together in public liability claims

Expert consultation during claims

This speeds up the process particularly as in some cases a solicitor is involved and under the MOJ protocols we have only 40 days to investigate before making our view on liability known.

This tripartite relationship continues throughout the life of the claim and there is now well documented process that not only covers the normal updates/review meetings with Kay Group and Sagar Insurances but also review meetings at AXA where the strategy on outstanding claims is discussed along with the current level of reserves.

At no stage in the claim process is any settlement decision taken by AXA without obtain input and comment from Sagars and The Kay Group. We are fully consulted throughout the process.

DAC Beachcroft are our nominated AXA solicitor and they also provide similar transparency when they are involved in any litigated cases.

This cases study demonstrates the importance of involving clients in the claims process at an early stage. It is also especially important when our client has the investigation capability to complement the investigations undertaken by Insurers. The relationship not only recognises the work the Kay Group does on due diligence but also reflects in the annual claims history.

Kay Group operate in an area where spurious/fraudulent claims are common place and the work done by all concerned enables these types of claims to be defended without exception.

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