Sagar and BLM working together following serious incidents

Expert advice and guidance from Sagar

The conference centre was hosting a speed awareness course on behalf of the local constabulary. During a break in the session a gentlemen used the facilities and when returning fell down a step and was injured.

As the gentlemen concerned was in obvious discomfort an ambulance was called and he was taken to the local A&E. Unfortunately soon after he arrived he passed away.

We immediately received a call from the Managing Director at our client who was obviously stressed about what had happened but was also concerned about handling the HSE, Police and potentially the press.

As usual in cases such as this our initial thought is to protect our client’s interests and we immediately contacted our panel solicitor BLM in Manchester while at the same time advising our client’s Insurers.

BLM spoke to both our client’s Managing Director and also the Health & Safety Manager instructing them to prepare an accident investigation report into the incident on their behalf and direct all correspondence to them, pending formal instructions from Insurers to represent the business relation to any investigation by the Police or HSE. This basically means that the documentation is subject to privilege.

BLM also assisted our client in completing the RIDDOR form which was then forwarded to the local HSE. Following receipt of the reports, the HSE contacted our client to confirm there would be no further action taken. The Police were also in contact to advise they had completed their investigation and again no further action would be taken.

While the incident resulted in no formal action against our client the case study once again highlights the value an Insurance Broker can bring when a client is involved in an incident that on first instance involves the HSE & Police with also the potential, due to the circumstances, of press coverage.

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