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We understand that issues with tenants or damage to your property can be very stressful, but with the correct cover and support from Sagar Insurances, you can begin to move forward. 

What does Property Owners Insurance cover?

The main sections of cover are:

  • Buildings

Buildings cover the full cost of rebuilding your house, it includes permanent fixtures such as walls, roofs, fitted ceilings, doors and windows.

  • Content

Content cover includes anything owned by you within the property such as the furniture that you have supplied your tenants with.

  • Loss of Rent

Loss of rent provides cover for alternative accommodation fees and rental fees if your property becomes inhabitable for the tenants.
Loss of Rent cover does not cover you for when your tenants do not pay, this is referred to as Rent Guarantee or rent protection insurance.

  • Legal Expenses

Legal expenses cover you for the defence of any legal proceedings following a dispute with a tenant.

  • Property Owner Liability

Property Owner Liability covers injury to any third party or their property as a result of your premises. Cover will include expenses incurred from medical treatments, loss of earnings and legal costs.

  • Employers Liability

If you have employees working within your building, you are legally required to take out Employers Liability cover. For example, if you employ maintenance staff and they injure themselves in the course of their employment then you could be liable for the costs incurred in connection with the claim.

  • Terrorism Cover

Terrorism cover is an optional extension and cover is provided when an act of terror has been declared by the state. It will cover the cost of any damage to the property caused as a direct result of terrorism.

At Sagar we are also able to offer cover for malicious damage by residents and theft or attempted theft by residents. These are not standard sections of cover on a policy but can be included with Sagar. Call us on 01282 858250 to discuss a personalised policy with one of our in-house advisors.

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