Office Insurance

Running a modern office can feel like a juggling act. Current legislation can be complex and hard to understand and you need to ensure you a fully insured, but do you have the time to read the small print to make sure your office is fully protected?

That’s where Sagar’s expertise comes in. Whether your office is simply a desk and chair or a commercial property filled with expensive equipment, we can ensure you have the correct level of insurance in place, making sure you don’t breach legislation and that you’re protected against costly lawsuits and fully covered if you need to make a claim.

We’ll gain an understanding of your working environment, including its location, structure, uses and content, ensuring we set up the insurance policy you require by lawand that it also makes good business sense. We’ll explain the terminology of your policy and the insurance quirks that can trip up even the most experienced business manager.

For example, do you know how to set sums assured, how to value your assets and calculate the replacement values of computers and content? Do you understand the exclusions and warranties in your insurance policy? There can be serious consequences if they’re not met. And are you aware that Business Interruption covers an insured peril, such as fire or flood, but not bad debts, as many people believe?

Tailored Office Insurance Policies

In an age of identity theft, security breaches and spamming, it’s reassuring to know you can talk to Sagar’s insurance experts, who have with your best interests at heart and will ensure you have the protection in place to safeguard your business, your assets and people.

“You can’t use guess work to arrange insurance cover in our sector, which is why the services of a local independent broker are vital. Sagar Insurances has a close working relationship with Brian Dent Ltd, to make sure our insurance cover keeps pace with our company’s development.”

Stephen Dent – Joint Managing Director, Brian Dent Ltd.