Things to consider when buying a house in a flood risk area

Flooding can be a major issue to anyone buying a new house or property, however some houses may just be worth the risk.

Many potential buyers worry about the difficulty and price for insuring these properties, however don’t let this put you off.

Sagar works with a specialist insurer to provide comprehensive cover for homes that have been flooded previously, leaving you with peace of mind in your new home.

Insuring an at-risk property

Many home owners use a flood risk map to study the level of risk at your property. This can help determine insurance prices and help you to work out the potential damage.

It is also important to keep an accurate record of all the times your property has been flooded, also retrieving statistics from previous owners. These records may prove that the chances of flooding are very low, and the flood area designation is slightly out of date.

Benefits of insuring through Sagar

We have a range of experience in dealing with flooded areas, and we understand the devastation and stress it can bring. However, at Sagar Insurances we are dedicated to making you feel safe and protected in your own home. Find out about our specialist flood insurance.

We will never leave you without somewhere to stay, providing you with accommodation if your house is not accessible. We will also help you accurately value your contents and ensure that you have the correct level of coverage.

Sagar Insurances also provides flood insurances for businesses.

Contact Sagar for a quote

If you are currently living in a flood risk area, or are considering moving to one, contact Sagar Insurances to discuss an insurance quote. We will get back to you as soon as possible when you contact us online.

Alternatively, call us directly on 01282 858250.