Sagar Even Covers the Sun, Wind and Seas!

A few years ago it would have sounded like the stuff of science fiction, but now Sagar Insurances has added “Renewable Energy” to the long list of commercial ventures it can help with specialist cover.

In the drive for alternatives to fossil fuels, and thanks to the world’s unlimited supply of “wind, water and sun”, the UK’s renewable energy industry is a growing sector of the economy.

There are grants, awards and a package of Government support available for new start-ups or to help businesses modify their operations to join the race to find and use low carbon technologies.

By 2020, by law, the UK has to meet 15% of energy demand from renewable sources.

This means wind farms, solar energy initiatives, biomass installers and a whole host of other companies – who are harnessing the elements or extracting energy from waste – are springing up in the North West.

This inspired Sagar Insurances to seek out insurance products to match.

In conjunction with RSA, Sagar can provide renewable energy companies with insurance cover that protects them with transit, construction and operations. This includes property, business interruption and engineering cover bespoke to this sector.

Sagar Insurances provides advice, research and insurance products which support local firms and protect them against risks.  This means the broker keeps a close eye on emerging markets and trends, to keep pace with changing insurance demands.